You vs. Cat: Are You Up to the Challenge?

Bad news for you if you’re human. Cats are winning. That’s right, cats are beating humans in the tech world. It’s not pretty, but I think we humans can make a comeback.

It seems that cats love iPads as much, if not more than humans. Cats enjoy game apps a lot and are becoming quite skilled gamers.

You would think humans have an advantage over felines in gaming, what with our capacity for higher level thinking, but you would be wrong.

Friskies® brand cat food noticed the delight cats have in playing games on iPads and launched three games for cats as iPad apps last year. When those games were successful, Friskies developed even more games so now there is an entire series of cat apps for the iPad. currently has six apps for cats on the iPad.

Don’t have an iPad but want your cat to have fun? No worries, three of the games can be played on your computer.

Recently, Friskies launched a game that pits humans against cats. That’s right, cats used to be content playing these games by themselves, but no more. Now they have an iPad game called You vs. Cat. “You” as in human.

At the Games for Cats site, Friskies maintains a leader board for You vs. Cat, showing the scores for cats vs. the scores for humans. The frightening news is that cats are in the lead. By a wide margin. And their lead is growing.

Humans, we need to band together. Even if you don’t have a cat, you should start playing You vs. Cat now. Practice as much as you can during your free time. Give up your other hobbies until cats are conquered. After humans regain our dominance you can go back to other pastimes, such as playing Angry Birds. But for now, we must overcome cats.

In case your cat hasn’t been saving her pennies, don’t fret. All of the Friskies cat games are free.

Does your cat enjoy playing games on your iPad? Would you hand your iPad over to your pet? Do you think humans will ever gain the lead over cats? Let us know in the Comments section below!


Although this article is published on April Fool’s Day, this article is not a prank.

Carolyn is away from the Internet and will return on April 9 to respond to all comments, whether from humans or felines.



* Cat image by Lea

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  1. says

    What a fun post Carolyn!

    Wow! I never knew cats were that skilled enough to play on iPad’s also!! I guess the same may hold true for some dogs also, though the intelligent ones- that’s because I have a dog and not a cat!

    However, I don’t think I would ever-ever give my iPad to my pets for playing – but would love to see them play it right through, showing their skills :)

    Yes, April Fool’s Day is today, but this is indeed something that’s not fooling us- rather amazes me a great deal. I guess the cats like the screen and all the magic that happens when they press buttons and get an instant reaction. :)

    Thanks for sharing and hope you are having a nice time :)
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  2. Betsy Cross says

    April Fool’s Day and I are enemies! I am the recipient of too many pranks. But it’s my dad’s birthday too, so I’m tolerating it.
    I’m sharing this post on Facebook with all of my Facebook friends!

  3. says

    Its true,

    Cats are the biggest revenue earners out there. Games for cats is just ahead of the curve targeting the rich windfalls that cats earn from their cat video ad revenue.

      • says

        Lol, I remember hearing about tv for pets as a joke a while back, it may have been in “Scrooged” with Bill Murray. The joke was that because cat videos do so well on the internet, that they now have money, and that it may finally be profitable to start marketing to them.

  4. Janet Callaway says

    Carolyn, the Friskies cat games may be free, HOWEVER, they have to be played on an iPad which is not free. So, even thought April 3rd will be Kina’s 17th birthday, I am going to do my best to keep her away from the computer and from reading your blog so that she doesn’t learn about these games. (It is going to be tough keeping her away from your blog.)

    While I do spoil her and she is in complete charge of the house–heck, our lives–for some reason I simply cannot handle buying an iPad for her. Hopefully, none of your readers will report me to the humane society.

    Thanks so much for the fun post. It is perfect Sunday reading. Aloha. Janet

  5. Cathy Taughinbaugh | Treatment Talk says

    Hi Carolyn,

    This sounds interesting. I have an ipad, and now I need a cat. What will they think of next? Let us know if they come up with a game for dogs, although not sure I want my dog’s paw pounding down on my ipad. Someone now needs to invent a mini ipad for our pets. Fun post – Happy April to you!

  6. Andrew says

    thank you for this funny, interesting post i had a good laugh thank you for sharing this.

  7. David says

    It’s a wonder to me that cats enjoy apps.After reading this, even I wish to have a cat and observe how it would play with such apps.I guess they would have great time playing with these apps than humans.I woulld like to play a game with me vs my cat and see the score.what an amazing game would it be, I can never imagine.

  8. Ruth Zive says

    This is hilarious! But forget about humans, the big losers are the dogs! What apps are available for them? Why are canines being overlooked :-(?

  9. says

    That’s just hilarious Carolyn! I mean seriously? I think cats have plenty to entertain them with but I guess if you already have an iPad and you don’t mind your cat walking all over it then go for it. I must admit, they are entertaining.

    I’m with Ruth though, what about our precious dogs? Can’t they have fun too! Kayla would be so offended! Man oh man…
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