Peggle: Take a Chance on a PopCap Game!

Peggle, an addictive, high-quality game, has recently been updated in the iTunes App Store and is available for free on Android devices. You can also check out Peggle on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo DS, PC’s and Macs.

Peggle is an incredibly fun game from PopCap, a developer that creates many fun, addictive games. Peggle is a lot like the Japanese game Pachinko and somewhat like pinball. There is a randomness to the game, but skill is the most important component to success.

The object of the game is to shoot a ball from the top of the screen at different colored pegs,  eliminating all of the orange pegs. When your ball bounces on a peg, that peg is eliminated and will disappear. You get points for each peg you hit, with bonus points awarded based upon the color of the peg, how carefully crafted your shot was and other factors.

Sounds easy, right? Well, there are plenty of obstacles in your way that make the game captivating and challenging.

The first obstacle is that other pegs, mostly blue pegs, may block your clear shot at the orange targets. The game puts other moving and stationary objects in your way as well, forcing your to concoct some clever bank shots to reach the orange pegs.

You get ten balls to use in each round, but you can earn additional balls but achieving high scores (such as hitting the purple pegs) or landing your ball in the rolling skateboard. If you time your shots well, you can take out quite a few orange pegs and land your ball in the skateboard giving you an extra shot at finishing the level. The red arrow in the image below points to the helpful skateboard!

What really makes Peggle a game of skill is the super powers the Peggle Masters give you when you hit a green peg. In lower levels you get to use one Master at a time,  so you can discover what powers you get from Masters such as Tula Sunflower, Claude the Lobster, Warren Rabbit, Renfield the Pumpkin and other characters. But in later levels you get to choose which power to use in achieving your goal. If you want to sneak a peek at the characters’  powers and how you can use them, check out this handy guide from PopCap: Meet the Masters.

I love the choice of super powers because if I fail to finish a level with one Master, I try another to see if that one would help me more. Sometimes choosing the proper Master can make all the difference. Wouldn’t it be cool if comic book super heroes could choose their powers for each situation?

My tendency is to use Lord Cinderbottom the dragon, for a scorched earth game play. The dragon burns through all obstacles so you can get at your toughest targets, sizzling everything in its path. But that doesn’t always work, sometimes a more delicate power is needed.

In addition to the game being fun and addictive, there are other reasons to love this game. First, the music is classic video game goodness. I rarely listen to the accompanying music for games, but Peggle is an exception. And the music that Peggle plays when you win a level, well it just makes you proud to be a Peggle player!

The game also has a setting for left-handed players. Being a lefty myself, I deeply appreciate when a developer recognizes that not all players are of the right-handed persuasion.

For even more amusement, the game has an instant replay feature that allows you to watch what happened with the last ball you shot. You could use this to relive the glory of a well-crafted shot or to help you figure out where you went wrong with a shot that totally misses the mark.

To see a Peggle champion in action, check out this video from a player who achieved over 20 million points in one shot. Don’t be fooled though, the game just isn’t this easy:

If you’re not yet convinced as to why this game is so much fun, you could try playing it for, let’s say five minutes. But make sure you have plenty of time to spare, because you may find yourself becoming engrossed in trying to level up, to the exclusion of all other concerns in life.

You should also consider that Peggle was the Killer App for a friend of mine who wasn’t a big fan of technology. When given an iPad with Peggle, he suddenly began to appreciate the wonderful world of gadgets. Peggle was his “go to” app for months as he tackled the game, level by level.

Bottom Line

Peggle is a fun, addictive game you should check out for a lot of a great entertainment, no matter what your age, technical skill or hand preference. if you have an Android device, definitely grab the app from the Amazon App Store, free today only.

Have you even played Peggle? Do you enjoy discovering fun and addictive games? Let us know in the Comments section below!


Note to Readers: This post completes my Rice Krispies homage trilogy with Shnap, Crackle and Pop! Who knew there was so much tech involved with Rice Krispies?




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  1. says

    You mentioned Scorched Earth. The original Scorched earth for Windows 7 would be awesome… I liked that game but the 3D version was slow. I might see if I can find this game for the PC – I spend enough time on Farmville though! lol.
    Mike Maynard recently published this awesome post..New domainsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mike, Yes, Farmville is certainly an addictive game too. Perhaps that’s the measure of a great game, how addictive it is? You should give Peggle a try. It’s very different from Farmville, but also a lot of fun!

      Thanks for your visit and your wonderful comment!

  2. Matt says

    Peggle is fun, sure, but I personally like Plants vs Zombies better. Not to mention Chuzzle Puzzle or Zuma.

    • says

      Hi Matt, Thanks for the great game recommendations! I have Plants vs. Zombies but haven’t tried it yet. I will have to check that out, along with Chuzzle Puzzle and Zuma.

      Thank you for your visit and your awesome comment!

  3. Holly says

    This looks like fun. I have a friend who loves it. You said your friend was hooked on the ipad but I can’t find the ipad Peggle app in the app store.

    • says

      Hi Holly, Welcome to The Wonder of Tech! PopCap has not yet released an iPad app. My friend uses the iPhone app and enlarges it to fill the space of the iPad screen.

      Thanks for your visit and your great question! :-)

  4. says

    Hi Carolyn,

    This is the first time I have heard about Peggle. It sounds like a lot of fun. Right now, my kids are the ones using my iPhone, and the only game I have bought is Angry Birds. I’ll bet they will be thrilled when I install this one :)

    Thanks a lot.

    Jens P. Berget recently published this awesome post..The Thank You Economy – The Truth!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Jens, you’re absolutely right, Peggle is a perfect game for kids. They will have a lot of fun playing it and will love the super cute Peggle Masters. But you may not be seeing much of your iPhone, lol.

      Thanks for your visit, comment and tweet!

  5. food delivery ft lauderdale says

    Definitely go with Peggle. It’s the most addictive game ever, it actually plays really well on the iPhone, and you will never get tired of it. You won’t regret this…

  6. CarolB says

    This sounds like a game my boys will really like. Am actually surprised that my older one doesn’t have it yet!

    • says

      Hi Carol, You’re right, Peggle is a great game for all ages. The sounds, flashing lights and cute Peggle Masters will entertain even the youngest kids, but the strategy and skill required to attain higher levels will interest teens and adults.

      I hope your boys enjoy the game!

  7. Sire says

    That game looks pretty good Carolyn, but what really got my attention is the Rice Krispies commercial. We’ve got the same product in Australia only we call it Rice Bubbles. The characters have the same names but look completely different.

    • says

      Hi Sire, Rice Bubbles, I hadn’t heard of that before. In the UK they are called Rice Krispies as well. Thanks for the great link to the YouTube video of the Rice Bubbles ad. How funny that the characters are the same, when the cereal isn’t! And the characters, Snap, Crackle and Pop have American accents, but the rest of the voices on the commercial don’t.

      Thanks for you visit, comment and sharing that bit of nostalgia with us!