Your Google Location History: How to See It and Turn It Off

Google Location History

If you use Google Maps or another Google app on your phone, Google may have kept a record of where you’ve been. You might find that information to be a fascinating resource or an unnerving record of your movements that you’d prefer to delete. Either way, you should find out more about your Google Location […]

10 Terrific Tech Gifts for Mom!

Video Baby Monitor

You want to get your mom the best Mother’s Day gift, so you may be thinking of flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed or a homemade gift. But why not be original? Nothing puts a smile on Mom’s face quite like a tech gift! Tech can make a mother’s life easier and more fun. And who […]

How to Resize an Image in 3 Easy Steps!

Resize Photos with PicMonkey

Q. Help! I need to resize a photo and I have no idea how to do it. I want to use a photo as my Facebook cover photo but Facebook says that the image I am trying to use is the wrong size. How can I change the size of a photo and what’s the […]

Which Tech Is on Your 2013 Holiday Wish List? [Poll]

Holiday Wish List Tech Gifts

With all of the tempting tech goodies introduced this year, there’s probably a tech gift or two you desire. Whether it’s a tablet, new phone, ereader or other tech gift, you may want to try new tech or grab the latest and the greatest version of tech you already own. What’s on your wish list […]

Which Google Service Would You Miss Most? [Poll]

Canceled Google Services

July 1 is the day when you will no longer to be able to use Google Reader, an RSS subscription service from, you guessed it, Google. Plenty of articles have been written about the shuttering of Reader and almost all have recommended Feedly as the best replacement for Reader. If you use Google Reader to […]

14 Top Tech Tools to Take When You Travel!

Placebook App

Increasingly, tech can help you make the most of any trip. Tech can make trips go more smoothly by providing you with information, resources, and entertainment. Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, tech tools can make the trip easier and more enjoyable! Sure, you could travel without tech, but why would you want to? […]