Fire HD Kids Edition – A Tablet to Please Parents and Kids

Kindle Fire Kids Tablet

If you’re a parent with a tablet and/or a smartphone, chances are your child has grabbed it to play their favorite app. But handing over your device exposes you to the risk that your kid will buy an expensive app, delete your boss’s email, beat your high score on Angry Birds, and/or accidentally drop the […]

Swappa – Satisfy Your Mobile Cravings

Swappa Seal

Today is an exciting day in tech! Today is the launch of both the iPhone on T-Mobile and the new Facebook phone. While you may want to get a new phone, affording it is another matter. If you’re craving a new phone but you’re not due for an upgrade for a while, check out Swappa, a site that makes […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – A Phantastic Phablet

Galaxy Note 2 S Pen Handwriting

If you want to maximize the screen size of your phone and get a bevy of features, you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The Note 2, with its 5.5″ screen, can do double duty as a phone and as a small tablet, earning it the moniker of “phablet”. But the Note 2 […]

8 Easy Ways to Get Free Dropbox Space

Free Dropbox Space for Inviting Friends

“I don’t know what I would do without Dropbox!” said one of my best friends last week who woke up to a dead laptop. Dead, as in kaput, a/k/a not coming back to life. While that predicament would be a nightmare for anyone, my friend was almost finished with a months-long project that was due […]

Kindle X-Ray – Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge

Breaking Bad Kindle IMDb

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered where you saw that actor before? Have you ever lost track of who the characters were when you’re reading a book? Have you ever wished that you could have a personal guide to help you get more information about books and movies without interrupting your experience? Kindle […]