Hang w/ — Make Your Life More Fun!

Hang with features

Q. What’s more fun than having fun? a. Having fun with others b. Hanging out with celebrities who are having fun with you c. Getting paid for having fun d. All of the above If you chose any of these answers, then you’ll soon be a big fan of Hang w/! Hang w/ is the [...]

Have a Frightfully Fun Halloween with Pinterest!

Halloween Pinterest Ideas

Halloween and Pinterest go together like tricks and treats. No matter what you’re planning for Halloween season, you’re bound to have more fun when you get ideas from Pinterest. Use Pinterest to make this Halloween extraordinary with ideas for costumes,decorating, food, parties and more. With over 176 million Halloween pins and 45 million Halloween boards, Pinterest [...]

How to Keep Your Teen Safe from Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying Prevention

The Internet can be a source of valuable information, fun websites and communication between friends. But it can also be a dark place where cyberbullies use the cloak of the Web to harass others. Cyberbullying is often hidden, because the victim doesn’t identify it as bullying or is too ashamed to report it to adults. [...]