Google Flights Update Helps You Find Your Best Trip!

Google Flights Search

When searching for airfares you may think you’re 100% committed to flying on a certain date. But if you could save over $2000 by flying one day later, you may be willing to postpone your trip just a bit. Google Flights can help you find the best trip by showing you the lowest airfare for […]

Gmail Canned Response – Saving You Time and Frustration!

How to Use Gmail Canned Response

If you find yourself sending the same email message to people repeatedly, you may wish you had a magic wand you could wave to send replies easily. Good news! Gmail Canned Response can be your magic wand. You can save yourself a lot of time and keystrokes by creating Canned Responses to frequent emails you get. […]

How to Preview All of Your Fonts Instantly! Review

If you’re a fan of fonts, you might have collected quite a few fun fonts in your font library. To see which one works best for your needs, you may be testing them out one at a time, finding your favorites and then comparing them side-by-side. You can save lots of time by seeing how […]

Christmas Fun for Everyone!

Christmas Fun Apps Websites

Christmas brings much festivity to people around the world and no matter where you live you can always find ways to make the holiday even more fun. Hey, who doesn’t want more fun! These Christmas websites and apps can make your holiday even merrier by adding joy to the season. You may even like them […]

Zamzar – Free File Conversion Made Easy!

Zamzar File Conversion Website

Have you ever tried to open a file only to get an error message that the format was incompatible with your software? Did you ever get a PDF document that you wanted to convert to a Word document? Good news, you don’t need expensive software to convert files. Check out Zamzar, a free file conversion […]

New Google My Maps Lets You Create, Save and Share Custom Maps

New Google My Maps

Google added a new feature this week: My Maps that lets you create, save and share custom maps. If you’re planning a trip, wedding, family gathering or other activity that involves getting from Point A to Point B, you’ll want to check this out. How to Create a Google My Map Head to and […]

PicMonkey – How to Use Your Own Fonts for Free!

Use Your Own Fonts PicMonkey

PicMonkey, the free photo editing website, has had a massive, game-changing update that lets you make the most of your images: you can use your own fonts. Your choice of fonts has become instantly unlimited. If you have a font on your computer, you can use it in PicMonkey — for free! If you’re crafting […]