Does an iPhone Make You Smarter and Healthier?

iPhone Powers

If you think of your iPhone as giving you superpowers, maybe you’re right. Or maybe the reverse is true: being without your iPhone drains you, like Superman being near kryptonite. A study published last week by Russell B. Clayton, Glenn Leshner, and Anthony Almond, researchers at The University of Missouri, examined whether being separated from […]

Motorola Droid Turbo – A Phone that’s Fast and Formidable

Droid Turbo Review

When you’re deciding on Android phones, you have a copious quantity of choices. If you’re in the market for a phone with top specs and robust battery life, then take a look at the Motorola Droid Turbo.   Hardware The Droid Turbo has a solid build with curved edges that nestle in your hand and […]

The 26 Best iOS 8 Tips and Tricks!

iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

Whether you’ve already updated your iDevice or you’re looking for a good reason to do so, you’ll find something to get you excited about in iOS 8. Filled with fun and useful features, iOS 8 will make your older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch feel as if you just got a shiny new one. Except […]

He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple

Joshua Wilner Guest Post

I am truly honored to introduce today’s guest author, Joshua Wilner. He’s a writer and marketer who writes fascinating, entertaining, edgy and thought-provoking articles at his website, I’ve known Joshua through the blogging world and through an international Mastermind group we’re members of together. Joshua is a fan of tech and The Wonder of […]

Kyocera Brigadier – A Phone for Function, Not Fashion

Brigadier Android Phone

Imagine never having to worry about dropping your phone. It could land on the pavement, in a puddle of water and you wouldn’t fret. You just pick it up and continue on your merry way, without giving your fumble a second thought. Whether you have an adventurous lifestyle, a rigorous job or tend to be clumsy, you […]

iPhone 6 Review: Is This the Phone for You?

iPhone 6 Features

Your decision to get a new phone isn’t a small one. You’re either committing yourself to a two-year contract to get a discounted price or you’re forking out a big wad of dough. Either way you want to consider carefully many factors before making your purchase decision. Or, you could just follow the lead of […]