The New iPhone Setting You Should Change Right Now!

iPhone Found if battery dies

If you lose your iPhone and its battery dies, you may think you have no hope of ever locating your lost phone. When you open up your Find My iPhone app or log into, you’ll see the disappointing notice: Location not available But that doesn’t have to happen. You can locate your lost iPhone […]

Does an iPhone Make You Smarter and Healthier?

iPhone Powers

If you think of your iPhone as giving you superpowers, maybe you’re right. Or maybe the reverse is true: being without your iPhone drains you, like Superman being near kryptonite. A study published last week by Russell B. Clayton, Glenn Leshner, and Anthony Almond, researchers at The University of Missouri, examined whether being separated from […]

Motorola Droid Turbo – A Phone that’s Fast and Formidable

Droid Turbo Review

When you’re deciding on Android phones, you have a copious quantity of choices. If you’re in the market for a phone with top specs and robust battery life, then take a look at the Motorola Droid Turbo.   Hardware The Droid Turbo has a solid build with curved edges that nestle in your hand and […]

The 26 Best iOS 8 Tips and Tricks!

iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

Whether you’ve already updated your iDevice or you’re looking for a good reason to do so, you’ll find something to get you excited about in iOS 8. Filled with fun and useful features, iOS 8 will make your older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch feel as if you just got a shiny new one. Except […]

He’s A Peach Of a Guy But He’ll Buy An Apple

Joshua Wilner Guest Post

I am truly honored to introduce today’s guest author, Joshua Wilner. He’s a writer and marketer who writes fascinating, entertaining, edgy and thought-provoking articles at his website, I’ve known Joshua through the blogging world and through an international Mastermind group we’re members of together. Joshua is a fan of tech and The Wonder of […]

Kyocera Brigadier – A Phone for Function, Not Fashion

Brigadier Android Phone

Imagine never having to worry about dropping your phone. It could land on the pavement, in a puddle of water and you wouldn’t fret. You just pick it up and continue on your merry way, without giving your fumble a second thought. Whether you have an adventurous lifestyle, a rigorous job or tend to be clumsy, you […]