Kyocera Brigadier – A Phone for Function, Not Fashion

Brigadier Android Phone

Imagine never having to worry about dropping your phone. It could land on the pavement, in a puddle of water and you wouldn’t fret. You just pick it up and continue on your merry way, without giving your fumble a second thought. Whether you have an adventurous lifestyle, a rigorous job or tend to be clumsy, you [...]

iPhone 6 Review: Is This the Phone for You?

iPhone 6 Features

Your decision to get a new phone isn’t a small one. You’re either committing yourself to a two-year contract to get a discounted price or you’re forking out a big wad of dough. Either way you want to consider carefully many factors before making your purchase decision. Or, you could just follow the lead of [...]

The Evolution of the iPhone iOS from iOS 1 to iOS 8 [Infographic]

Infographic History of iOS

Note to Readers: Autumn is traditionally Apple harvest time where we see a bumper crop of new products and services from the Cupertino company. Those of you who aren’t interested in All Things Apple should check back in Monday when The Wonder of Tech returns to our regularly scheduled programming. ********************** Today is the day [...]