PopKey: The Most Fun You Can Have with a Keyboard!

PopKey Keyboard Laughing

When was the last time a keyboard made you laugh out loud? If you’re thinking “never” then you haven’t tried PopKey, a new keyboard for your iPhone that will give a new meaning to your message. PopKey lets you add short GIF video images to your messages, kind of like live emoticons. Let’s face it, [...]

12 Must-Have Apps for Road Trip Fun!

Must Have Road Trip Apps

If you’re headed out on a road trip this summer (or any time), apps can make the difference between a fun-filled journey versus a sanity-testing ordeal. Keeping everyone entertained and informed brings a new dimension to your travel. Apps can help you discover local gems, hidden attractions, and the best places to eat, refuel and [...]

7 Awesome Apps to Take to the Beach!

Surf Report App Oakley

If you’re heading to the beach, or wish you were, check out these awesome apps to make sure you have more fun and stay safe in the sun! Waterkeeper Swim Guide Want to know which are the best beaches close to you? Find the best places to swim in the US and Canada with the [...]