Launcher — The Handiest App Ever!

Launcher App iPhone

What do you use your phone for the most? Calling home? Checking Facebook? Sending a text to your best friend? Listening to music? Whatever you do most frequently, you can make the task more efficient by using Launcher, a free app that made a grand return to the iTunes App Store late last week. Launcher […]

Quantum of the Seas — A High-Tech Cruise Experience

Quantum of the Seas Technology

When you’re planning your vacation, you may be thinking of relaxation, exciting adventures and exotic places. You may not be thinking of tech at all. But tech may make a different between having a fun trip and having a fantastic trip. Quantum of the Seas, the newest cruise ship from Royal Caribbean launched in November […]

Duet Display App Turns Your iPad into a 2nd Monitor!

Duet iPad 2nd monitor

If you’re looking to become more productive on your computer, a second monitor may be the answer. By adding a second display you may be able to get more done, boosting your efficiency and reducing the time you need to complete tasks. Second monitors can be expensive, can consume a lot of space and aren’t […]

Timehop: Get a Daily Blast from Your Past!

Timehop Memories

Quick, what were you doing one year ago today? How about two years ago? Three, four years ago? Yes, you could check your calendar, look up your posts on Facebook or phone a friend. But an every easier and cooler way to remember is to use the app Timehop. Timehop is a free app that […]

Trivia Crack – Can an App Be Too Much Fun?

Trivia Crack Quiz app

If someone is holding their phone and asking you a trivia question such as: What is …? Where is …? Who is …? then chances are they’re playing Trivia Crack, the record-breaking app that’s taking the world by storm. Trivia Crack is a free quiz game that’s a combination of Wheel of Fortune, Trivial Pursuit […]

Be My Eyes App – Help the World to See!

Be My Eyes Helping Blind People

If you’re looking for a very easy way to do good in the world and make a difference in people’s lives, be sure to check out the app Be My Eyes. Many people want to help others but don’t have the time or opportunity to do so. Be My Eyes lets you help blind people […]