Kyocera Brigadier – A Phone for Function, Not Fashion

Brigadier Android Phone

Imagine never having to worry about dropping your phone. It could land on the pavement, in a puddle of water and you wouldn’t fret. You just pick it up and continue on your merry way, without giving your fumble a second thought. Whether you have an adventurous lifestyle, a rigorous job or tend to be clumsy, you [...]

PopKey: The Most Fun You Can Have with a Keyboard!

PopKey Keyboard Laughing

When was the last time a keyboard made you laugh out loud? If you’re thinking “never” then you haven’t tried PopKey, a new keyboard for your iPhone that will give a new meaning to your message. PopKey lets you add short GIF video images to your messages, kind of like live emoticons. Let’s face it, [...]

Apple News: iPad Air 2, Yosemite, New iMac and More!

Apple iPad Air 2, Yosemite, Apple Pay

If you thought all the news from Apple was already announced, well before yesterday you’d be wrong. Apple gave us plenty of news about what’s ahead and what’s here now from the company. If you’re looking to get new Apple tech you have more choices. If you’re looking to update the Apple tech you already [...]