Timehop: Get a Daily Blast from Your Past!

Timehop Memories

Quick, what were you doing one year ago today? How about two years ago? Three, four years ago? Yes, you could check your calendar, look up your posts on Facebook or phone a friend. But an every easier and cooler way to remember is to use the app Timehop. Timehop is a free app that […]

The New iPhone Setting You Should Change Right Now!

iPhone Found if battery dies

If you lose your iPhone and its battery dies, you may think you have no hope of ever locating your lost phone. When you open up your Find My iPhone app or log into icloud.com, you’ll see the disappointing notice: Location not available But that doesn’t have to happen. You can locate your lost iPhone […]

Pebble Time – A Match for the Apple Watch?

PEBBLE Time choices

Yesterday a Kickstarter record was shattered when Pebble announced its latest project: Pebble Time. Breaking Kickstarter records is nothing new for Pebble but watching its Kickstarter page was yesterday was witnessing tech history being made. Pebble Time’s initial goal of $500,000 in funding was smashed within a mere 17 minutes with over $1 million being […]

14 + 1 Epic Tech Fails [Infographic]

Epic Tech Fails

While cutting-edge tech can be exciting, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a pioneer. In spite of the massive success of many tech products, not all gadgets are well-received. Tech can fail to inspire the public and can go the way of the Edsel as the butt of jokes or can be simply forgotten. As […]