Advances in technology are often celebrated as they make our lives easier. But sometimes advances in technology can be used for evil. An industrious spaceship engineer named Mark Rober figured out how thieves could steal your PIN code by using inexpensive thermal imaging technology. With an iPhone case thieves could capture the heat registered on [...]

The Wonder of Tech is delighted to welcome back Liz Sexton, author of Take Note of Notability!, the fourth most popular article of all time here at this site. Today Liz is back to share with us her favorite fitness app, Nike Training Club. ************ There are plenty of ways to get fit but fitness apps [...]

If you use Google Maps or another Google app on your phone, Google may have kept a record of where you’ve been. You might find that information to be a fascinating resource or an unnerving record of your movements that you’d prefer to delete. Either way, you should find out more about your Google Location [...]

If you’re looking for interesting photos to use in a presentation, blog post, report, flyer, website or other material, you should check out Flickr’s large library of photos. Its massive collection is a treasure trove of photos and its Advanced Search feature is your treasure map to help find the best picture for you to [...]

Q. I’ve been getting annoying calls from a certain someone and a friend of mine told me I could block callers on my iPhone. I forget how to do it, I should have been paying attention when she told me how to do it. Can you write an article about how to block a caller [...]

10 Ways Kindle Can Help You Do Better in School!

With the school year coming soon, you may be looking ahead to ways that tech can help you do your best. Amazon Kindle books offer plenty of features that may make your studying easier, more efficient and less expensive. You may find these features handy even if you’re not currently a student! Here are 10 [...]

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The 15 Best Twitter Tips to Get More Followers! [Infographic]

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a seasoned vet, chances are you’d welcome new followers. Gaining followers can be easy for some but very challenging for most people. Some people on Twitter seem to attract followers like a moth to a candle flame but for most of us getting new followers seems like hard work. [...]

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10+ Ways the Nike+ FuelBand Can Make You Move!

Q. I’m looking to get an activity tracker to make me move more. I sit at my job a lot and I need some incentive to get up from my desk every so often. Do you use one? If so, which one do you use? A. You’re right, activity trackers can make you more aware [...]

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Are You Smarter than a Kindergartener (with Tech)? Take a Quiz to Find Out!

You may have heard of IQ (intelligence quotient) and perhaps EQ (emotional quotient), but did you know you have a DQ as well? No, not Dairy Queen, but your Digital Quotient. Your DQ is a measure of your confidence and knowledge about technology. That’s right, you can take a quick quiz to find out how much [...]

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The Exciting New Pinterest Feature “Follow Your Interests” and What It Means for You!

Pinterest has introduced another new feature to help you find interesting pins: Follow Your Interests. Now, in addition to following pinners and boards that interest you, you can follow topics of interest. Your Pinterest Home Feed can contain not only pins from people you’re following, but also pins on topics of interest to you. This [...]

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