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Pebble Time – A Match for the Apple Watch?

PEBBLE Time choices

Yesterday a Kickstarter record was shattered when Pebble announced its latest project: Pebble Time. Breaking Kickstarter records is nothing new for Pebble but watching its Kickstarter page was yesterday was witnessing tech history being made. Pebble Time’s initial goal of $500,000 in funding was smashed within a mere 17 minutes with over $1 million being […]

14 + 1 Epic Tech Fails [Infographic]

Epic Tech Fails

While cutting-edge tech can be exciting, sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a pioneer. In spite of the massive success of many tech products, not all gadgets are well-received. Tech can fail to inspire the public and can go the way of the Edsel as the butt of jokes or can be simply forgotten. As […]

Bitstrips — Create Your Own Comics Starring You!

Bitstrips Comics

If you’ve seen creative comics on Facebook and wondered how you can make your own, here’s the answer: Bitstrips, an app that lets you easily craft clever and cool comics of yourself. Bitstrips is a free app for your computer and mobile device that helps you unleash your creativity and share it with your friends […]