English is English is English, right? Well, wrong. The English language has so many different regional dialects that your use of words varies drastically based on where you’ve lived. Anyone who thinks English is a single language either: doesn’t speak English or hasn’t ever ventured far from home. Regional differences in pronunciation and use of [...]

The Wonder of Tech is honored to welcome Gary Braley back as a guest author. In the digital age, taking pictures has become easy but organizing them has become challenging. Many of us have accumulated a massive amount of photos without a clear plan of how to organize them, risking that all of our photos [...]

When someone is deciding whether to follow you on Twitter they generally check out your profile page. They may read your short description but chances are they’ll be looking at what you tweet. Like the headline of an article, the top tweet on your profile page is the most important tweet they’ll see. Whether someone [...]

If your Facebook friends are fantastic, they probably fill your Feed with fascinating and fun articles filled with interesting facts. But if your Feed becomes flooded, you may find that you don’t have the time to read all of these articles at once. You can Like articles, but finding them later may become a formidable [...]

If you’re headed out on a road trip this summer (or any time), apps can make the difference between a fun-filled journey versus a sanity-testing ordeal. Keeping everyone entertained and informed brings a new dimension to your travel. Apps can help you discover local gems, hidden attractions, and the best places to eat, refuel and [...]

Kindle Unlimited: All-You-Can-Read Ebooks and Audiobooks!

Eagle-eyed folks at tech site GigaOm discovered a test page at Amazon this week that introduced Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service that offers unlimited access to ebooks and audiobooks for $9.99/month. The test page for Kindle Unlimited was taken down by Amazon soon after its discovery, but Amazon officially launched the service this morning at [...]

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8 Top Tips for Joining Group Pinterest Boards!

Q. I just read your articles about Group Boards on Pinterest and I found some I really want to join. But it’s not as easy as just clicking a button, though I wish it was! I’ve been following Group Boards but I want to join them so I can pin to them. Can you do [...]

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Do Not Disturb – The iPhone Feature You Should Be Using

Have you ever been woken in the middle of the night by your phone ringing, chirping, buzzing or beeping? Our phones make for handy alarm clocks to wake us in the morning but when we keep them by our beds at night we risk getting calls, texts, notifications and other interruptions of our precious sleep. [...]

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Forgotify – Be the First Person to Hear a Song!

Are you the adventurous type? Do you like to expect the unexpected? Do you enjoy the thrill of discovering new music? How would you like to be the very first person to hear a song? Forgotify is a service designed to shine a light on the dark, forgotten corners of music by helping you to [...]

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How Much Do You Know About Gmail? [Infographic]

Are you a user of Gmail? Are you a fan of Gmail? Google’s email service launched 10 years ago in beta as an invitation-only service and has expanded to over 425 million users since then. In the beginning, Gmail gave you 1 GB of space but now you get up to 15 GB of space [...]

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