The Nokia Lumia Icon, the latest Windows phone, has a lot to offer in both hardware and software. But the biggest lure of this phone may be its 20-megapixel camera and brilliant screen so you can take great photos and show them off to others. Hardware Nokia has long had a reputation for building quality [...]

Have you ever been on vacation only to find out later that one of your dearest friends had been nearby while you were there? If only you had known the two of you were there you could have joined up to make your trip even better. Facebook wants to help you connect with your friends [...]

The Wonder of Tech is delighted to welcome Kaarina Dillabough, a former Canadian Olympic coach, who shares with us one of her favorite apps, Waterlogue. When your reality seems harsh and you want to soften the rough edges of life, Waterlogue can bring beauty into your world. I first found out about my friend Kaarina’s [...]

If your photos on your cell phone are a confusing jumble you have to scroll through to find the one you want, check out Carousel, a new free app from Dropbox. No more swiping through hundreds of tiny squares to try to find a photo you took three years ago. Carousel organizes your photos and [...]

If you’re a fan of emoticons, great news! You now can enjoy many more options for using emoticons on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not a fan of emoticons, well, sorry about that because you’re probably going to be seeing a lot more of them soon. Twitter According to The Wall Street Journal, a recent [...]

Heartbleed – The Internet Security Flaw That Should Command Your Attention Now

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news this week you’ve probably heard about Heartbleed, the security flaw that has widespread implications across the Internet. Chances are if you’re on the Internet you’ve been on a website that has been affected by Heartbleed. You need to know what Heartbleed is and what you should do [...]

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Amazon’s Future – Your Online Shopping Experience May Be Dramatically Different

Last week’s launch of two new devices from Amazon was beyond interesting. In Amazon’s 20 year history the company has only sold two of its own products, the Kindle ereader and the Kindle Fire tablet, so to have the launch of two Amazon gadgets in one week may be a strong signal from Amazon about [...]

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Amazon Fire TV and Dash – Your Voice Just Became Much More Powerful

Everyone wants their voice to be heard and Amazon must understand this desire well. Last week it announced two new devices that let you use your voice to get what you want. In other words, your spoken wish is Amazon’s command. Amazon’s Fire TV and Dash are two devices, like the Kindle, that are designed [...]

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IKOS – Building Blocks of the Future?

The future of building blocks may be about to change if a group of high school students is correct. Three high school seniors from Park City High School in Utah, along with an alum, have designed and built IKOS, a new shape of building blocks with the potential to dramatically change the way things are [...]

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13 Super Shortcuts for Your iPhone – in Control Center

Imagine having instant access to the most frequently used features of your iPhone. Then imagine being able to use those shortcuts from anywhere on your phone — from any app or screen, even if you haven’t yet entered your passcode. How handy would it be to have that kind of control of your iPhone? The [...]

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